You decided it is time to buy a bike for you? It may be one of the best investments you ever  made. But,how to choose what you really need? There are billions of different bikes outside on the market. There are some steps you should pass before deciding what is the best bike for you.

First of all, you should make clear to you what you really look in a bike. A couple of questions you should answer to yourself may be of real help. For example start with: what will you use your bike for? where, when and how often you plan to ride? how much you plan spending on a bike? You could discuss this with the shop staff before you make your choice, they are much experienced and can give you the best advice.

When you make all this clear to you make sure you find the right store where you can easily find what you are looking for.

It is also good to ask for a test drive so you can feel the difference between the different types and models of bikes. It is very important because your body should feel relaxed and not in some weird position while riding. This can be of a huge help for you.

Whatever you choose, ask for an advice before making the final decision. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Ask for everything you want to know, because it is not just the look that makes the bike good. You need to really know what you are buying.

If you don’t know anything about bikes you will probably need somebody else to fix and service the bike you buy. It is also good to buy a bike where they offer you some guarantee for the products.

When you finally make your decision, it’s time to start riding. Using the bike more often is better for you, your health and the environment we are living in.