If you already decided to start climbing you probably now that this sport requires some necessary equipment so you will be able to climb. In this article there is a list of necessary climbing equipment for each climbing style.

Climbing shoes

Climbing shoes are necessary part of the equipment that every climber should have. Choosing the right climbing shoes for you depends of what style of climbing you are practising. This means that there are different climbing shoes specially designed for better performances in various climbing styles. Climbing shoes should be tight to prevent the foot from sliding and to give you greater control and feeling while climbing, which makes them much uncomfortable and discomfort. But you will get used and these uncomfortable feelings would get normal to you. 


The harness is another necessary part of the climbing equipment that every climber should have. The harness is used to tie the rope to it so you can climb safely. 


Helmet is used for protection from falling rocks or from the hit if you fall while climbing. Many sport climbers don’t wear the helmet but it’s up to you to decide if you want to protect yourself and take the risks to minimum. 


Another thing you need is good rope. The rope should be good so afford the best one you can. It is the best to buy UIAA-rated and certified rope. The climbing rope is dynamic which means that the rope is able to stretch a bit while it is under tension. This is important because the rope should slowen the climber fall more gently. Climbing ropes come in different thickness and length and that is up to you to choose depending on the style you are climbing.

Carabiners and quickdraws

Carabiners are used to connect the rope to different pieces of climbing protection like bolts, nuts and cumming devices. Carabiners are rings of solid aluminum with a spring-loaded gate that allows them to be opened. There are more types and shapes of carabiners: oval, D-shape, asymmetrical D-shape and can be with different gate styles: straight, bent, locking or wire. Quickdraw is piece consisted of two carabiners attached to the two ends of a sew webbing. They are used to be attached to the bolt with the one carabiner and to attach the rope to the other. 

Belaying device

The belayer should hold the rope and stop the falling of the climber. That would be very difficult if the belayer doesn’t have a belaying device which is a tool capable to stop the rope and to prevent it from passing through the belayer hands smoothly. There are different types of belaying devices and you should choose the one you can use easily. 

Chalk bag

Chalk bag is used to put the chalk in it and attach it to your harness so you can easily put on chalk on your hands when they get sweaty. The chalk makes the hands dry and your grip gets better. 

This is the necessary equipment every climber should have, however there is lot more equipment used in different styles of climbing.