If you are a runner, especially if you are a trail runner you should not be surprised by the often muddy and wet trails that will constantly ruining your running shoes.

The running shoes often get dirty. There is nothing strange and unusual in it, on the contrary, their purpose is exactly that. They are designed for outdoor sports, which means that they will almost always be covered with dust, mud, water and so on. Periodical and proper cleaning of the shoes will protect you and your feet and will certainly prolong the life of the shoes. Here are some tips for maintaining your running shoes:

  • Avoid washing your running shoes in the washing machine. Frequent machine washing will speed up the process of decomposition of materials and loss of form. If you put them in a washing machine, look for a special mode for delicate clothes and equipment.
  • If the running shoes are covered with mud or dust, put the shoes under clean running water and use an old toothbrush or similar object to clean the bulk of the dirt from the outside.
  • Whenever you decide to wash the shoes, be sure to remove the pads and laces and wash them separately.
  • Use detergent for laundry, warm water and a soft brush to clean the shoes.
  • After washing them, make sure to completely rinse the detergent which can in the long run corrode the materials.
  • All parts should be dried separately at room temperature away from a direct source of heat. Inside the shoes you can put kitchen paper or newspaper that will absorb excess liquid and help keep the shape of the sneakers.
  • Usually the sneakers are dried for about 12 hours. However, check before putting back the laces and pads, all parts should be completely dry.

Have good time outdoors and enjoy the sport.