Not always you have the place and time for a cardio workout. Maybe you are bored from the treadmill in the gym or is it too cold to run outside. You have one more option. Take your juming rope and make your cardio workout. You can do it anywhere, indoors, in the backyard, the jumping rope gives you that freedom of choice to do your workout at your favorite spot. 

If you don’t have enough time then try rope jumping. Ten minutes rope jumping at a pace of 120 jumps per minute will burn same quantity of calories as 30 minute jog. It is also perfect if used for warm up before strength or speed training, plyometric jumps or you simply want to use it for stretching.

If you compare it with different equipment the jumping rope will be the first if considered practicality, efficiency and cost.

If you get really into rope jumping you will achieve excellent body coordination, great balance, speed and agility and most important is that your cardiovascular system will be able to accept any future challenge much easier.

To measure the right length of the rope you should step in the middle of it and pull the ends up until they reach your armpits. 

Always use the toes as a contact surface with the floor.