What you probably did not know is that in the meantime climbing stairs has become a sport that is constantly growing and with an increasing number of organized races, and if you have been wondering why climbing stairs is an integral part of the training of many amateur and professional athletes, here the answer.

Climbing stairs is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, which is crucial in successful maintenance or weight loss. For example, for one hour of climbing, a 70 kg person would burn about 530 calories. People who practice all of this as a sport burn twice as many calories as people who play team sports like basketball or volleyball. However, what you should also know is that total calorie consumption depends on height, weight, age and intensity of training.

Cardiovascular fitness is one of the first segments on which the benefits of climbing stairs can be felt in a short period of time. According to a 2000 study in the Journal of Preventive Medicine, climbing stairs for people with a sedentary lifestyle for a short period of time brings great benefits to overall heart health. In just a few weeks, their total fitness level is increased by almost 40%.

This type of training is ideal for several reasons. It is economical, does not require any additional equipment and yet it requires significantly more effort than walking or running on flat terrain. Climbing will help you develop or improve strength in the lower body. With this exercise you strengthen: the quadriceps, gluteus, calves, soft tissues and ankles, as well as the core muscles.

If you want to make it even more harder this already strenuous exercise, try to swing your arms as little as possible or do not use them at all. If this is not enough for you then use weights on the ankles. On the way down walk slowly. Although this is an opportunity to relax, by going down you still positively affect the tone of the muscles that are not used when climbing.

For the reason that climbing stairs seriously challenges your aerobic and anaerobic threshold, this can be a great cross training for all endurance sports: running, swimming, cycling, trail running. It will guarantee their endurance or sprint performance, and on the other hand it will be a refreshment and change from the daily routine and monotony.

If you use climbing stairs as a primary cardio exercise, do not forget that this is a workout that does not activate the upper body. In other words, if you want to work on the upper body at the same time, insert a push-up or triceps collapse between sets of stairs. Additionally add abdominal exercises in your training.