Sometimes a small change can make the key difference. Let’s see how the diamond push up will make you a better athlete.

It is widely known that the push up is one of the basic exercises that are indispensable for the development of upper body strength. Once you become saturated by the uniformity of the movement, or you will want a challenge and motivation, it is time to make minimal changes that will make an important difference.

The change refers only to the positioning of the palms of the surface. Unlike the standard push up in which the hands are placed in projection to the shoulders, in the diamond push up the palms touch each other forming something like a triangle or diamond. Repetition is common, and what makes a difference is basically isolating the triceps as a mainly activated muscle, but perhaps even more important is the activation of many other muscles in the body that have the form of stabilizers.

We have already said that the primary muscle we train by performing diamond push up is the triceps, which besides having a major role in the building the forearms, has a role as a stabilizer on the shoulder, which is the most complex wrist in the human body and which, if it is underdeveloped, plays a key role in the imbalance of movements.

Secondarily, with this push up, you target the front of the shoulders and muscles of the chest. In the form of a dynamic stabilizer, the biceps also have a role to hold in the stable position of the joints of the arm while the abdominal muscles, the side abdominal muscles and the quadriceps of the legs also have the role of stabilizers of the movement.

If you are a beginner with diamond push up, you can perform it with the knees placed on the ground, while for those more advanced the legs are raised to a higher object or a pilates ball that will underline the role of muscle stabilizers in the abdomen.