Jumping rope is one of the best and most effective fitness equipment. Unfortunately, this super practical and economical device is often completely forgotten and underestimated.

Skipping rope is one of the best cardio exercises you can choose. Champion in the category of melting calories and fat, is indispensable in improving motor skills and coordination of movements and is a perfect exercise that puts the whole body in motion. Moreover, it is available to everyone and in many different weights and you can use it literally anywhere.

Rope training is an ideal replacement for running or any cardio exercise. Not only you will achieve the same effect but you will overcome it in any sense. Should we remind ourselves that skipping rope for ten minutes is the equivalent of half an hour of running?

So, if you do not have time, if you are tired of the running routine, you need a replacement in the summer, skipping rope is the right choice. Continuous practice of this exercise will certainly help to remove fat deposits, increase your aerobic capacity and will contribute to increasing your capacity in general.

In addition, we present you an interval rope training with which you will achieve maximum benefit in a minimum of time. The training lasts about fifteen minutes and during that time you will burn 400 calories, double the time and reach the number of close to 1000 calories.

Choose a rope, find the space that suits you best and start with the following training:

– 30 seconds jumping in place at normal speed
– 10 seconds rest
– 30 seconds running in place
– 10 seconds rest
– 30 seconds high knee lift

At the end of the series, take a break for one minute and repeat the series 3-5 times. If you are advanced, use a heavier rope that is faster. Improvise and adapt to your current form.

Enjoy your workout!