Extremely useful information for all of you who are dealing with physical activity – most of you with running, we share the great animations from Runrepeat.com where different types of feet are offered different lacing solutions. Each pair of feet are unique and different, so despite of the type of the sneakers, their lacing can affect one way or another. Scroll down, find your group and try it out …

Although you assume the lacing of the cords of your sneakers as a minor and unimportant thing in the sport, the same done with a specific approach by the morphology of your foot can have a positive impact and release you a lot of the inconveniences you have ever suffered.

On the other hand, the correct shoe lacing brings more stability and safety while stepping that leads to better results and fewer injuries. The videos below show different shoe lacing  techniques divided into several groups. Find out what suits you best and try it out.

Wide forefoot

Wide feet in general

Narrow feet

High arches

Too tight on top

High midfoot

Flat feet

Heel slipping

Toe pains

Swollen feet

One area too tight

Narrow heel and wide forefoot


Ian Knot

Ian’s secure shoelace knot

Surgeon’s shoelace knot