You want to achieve and maintain great shape in the sport you practice, pay attention to the regularity and consistency of your training. The opposite leads nowhere, and may even ruin your current fitness level.

Regular (read daily) dedication to exercise, quality nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the most important things that will help you to reach your goals and the desired shape, but more importantly, will help you to maintain it as well.

A lot of people get really into some activities and determined with training, but sadly most of the time this ends after a week or two due to lack of motivation and a number of other reasons. And the worst is when we want to be in shape, and dedicate ourselves to exercise only on weekends, which is always performed with great intensity, something that can very easily lead to injury.

Unlike previous examples, a person needs to find regularity in his training in order to achieve the desired results and should realize that if he wants to, then he can always find minimal free time during the day to dedicate it to his body and mind.

Regular training does not have to mean daily spending an hour, an hour and a half of training, but it can also mean small activities that are done on days when you are too busy, but they still fit into the whole picture of an active person. In translation, leading an active lifestyle involves more than just exercise.

When it comes to the workouts themselves, in addition to the regular weekly routines you run, insert something new, something you have never done before. Cross-training is an extremely important link in the daily life of athletes from many other aspects (recovery, training other muscle groups, etc.), and here it is important because it will give you a special feeling of a new activity that will break the everyday routine.

When you are in a situation to miss one of the trainings, do not let the laziness spread to the following days, but immediately make a small short substitution, for example 20 minutes of home exercise that will keep you going. In addition, do not overdo the exercise if you missed the training the day before, but simply follow the appropriate training routine and do not deviate from the plans – that is – regularity beats the intensity.

And remember, the decision to follow a healthy lifestyle regularly and completely is entirely up to you.