You already know that there are some necessary nutrients like calcium, folate and vitamin C. There are also some nutrients that we are not aware that they are necessary and avoiding them inadvertent, especially if we are on a diet. Here are some of them.

Vitamin E

Most of us don’t get enough vitamin E. We need 15mg vitamin E in a day because it prevents heart diseases and boosts immunity. Most of us are missing vitamin E out because we are on some diet plan that avoids consuming fats in which vitamin E is usually found (nuts, oils, seeds). You can get vitamin E with eating well-fortified cereals.


There are some of us that are iron-deficient. We need 18mg of iron in a day because it takes place in the delivery of oxygen through the body. You became a vegetarian maybe but the iron which is absorbed directly in the body is found in animal foods like beef, lamb and poultry. There is a study that shows that vegetable iron isn’t absorbed as efficiently. If you want to increase the iron intake try to include some lean animal protein per day and take in consideration that the meat which is more red contains more iron (beef is always better than chicken or pork). It is good to know that this kind of food is usually not so high in calories and rich with iron.


Another nutrient we are consuming much less than we really need is potassium. We need 4.700mg of potassium in a day because it is important for the muscle contraction and for regulating the fluid and mineral balance. The lack of potassium becomes from not eating enough vegetables and fruits (potato, tomato, white beans).


We need 8mg of zinc in a day because it regulates the metabolism. Most of it may be found in beans.


We are aware of magnesium need, but despite that most of us don’t consume enough of it each day. We need 320mg of magnesium in a day because it takes place in energy production and the function of muscles. Magnesium is mostly found in seafood. If you are not a seafood lover you can consume spinach, black beans, cereal instead.