Here are some things you need to know about honey if you want to get the most out of it.

• Honey should not be taken with a metal spoon as it loses valuable ingredients, instead use ceramic or best wooden spoons, special for honey.

• Honey should not be heated above 45 degrees Celsius, so as not to destroy its antibacterial properties, so the next time you make tea, wait a few minutes before pouring honey.

• It is recommended to take honey dissolved in lukewarm or cold drinks, preferably water. It is hygroscopic, it withdraws the surrounding water, which can damage (dry, dehydrate) the mucous of the upper esophagus. This can be especially uncomfortable for children.

• Honey dissolved in water can be used for rinsing the mouth, which will act locally with its antibacterial effects, especially beneficial for people with periodintis.

• Local bee honey in your area is a phenomenal immunotherapy for pollen allergies. In fact, this honey contains inactive forms of pollen antigens from your environment and thus stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies in a timely manner.

•The bacterium H. pylori, which is our inconvenient gastric companion, is a major factor in unpleasant gastritis, gastric ulcer and the increasingly present gastric cancer. Regular consumption of honey is a noble remedy for these diseases.

Honey is a finished product in the beehives and any other extra manipulation can only reduce the nutritional and healing properties. So, consume honey directly from the beehives 🙂