The recommended 8 glasses a day are just a pale frame that needs to be followed and always tend to drink as much more you can. If you recognize yourself in some of these symptoms, it is possible that the amount of fluids you enter is not sufficient for you …

Dry skin and dry lips?

Is the skin dry and lips cracked? Pinch the skin on your palm a little and if it remains like a “tent” and it takes time to return to its normal state, it’s a sure sign that you are missing water. Brittle nails, a feeling of sticky eyelids or a dry oral cavity with a small amount of saliva are additional signs that you are dehydrated. The skin as the largest organ reacts to the lack of fluids and becomes dry and prone to scratching.

Muscle cramps?

Loss of fluids is accompanied by electrolyte loss, and often dehydration can be accompanied by muscle spasms as a result. Even a mild electrolyte imbalance can lead to cramping. The condition can be easily corrected by taking a sufficient amount of fluids and electrolytes.

Feeling hot all the time?

Water is essential for regulating body temperature. Lack of fluids often leads to overheating of the body, because it reduces the circulation volume and there are no mechanisms that bring the heat to the surface.

Constipation problems?

Most of the time people who suffer from constipation do not have a real need for laxative remedies, but need more water. Water facilitates the movement of the contents through the intestines.

You don’t feel well?

Headaches, stagnation, bad mood can be part of the symptoms of inadequate water intake. Dehydration affects interference and there is a decrease in blood pressure and a fall of blood pressure.