The watermelon already has a reputation of a great fruit to take before training, not only because of the amount of water it provides, but also the lycopene it contains, a powerful antioxidant. It acts like a natural booster too.

This abundance of the watermelon comes from the large amount of the amino acid citrulline (Latin name – Citrullus). The citrulline is responsible for creating nitrogen monoxide, a strong vasodilator, expanding the blood vessels and thus increasing the glucose flow to the skeletal muscles and lowering blood pressure. 

The study was conducted at the University of Catagen, Spain, on volunteers. One third of the volunteers got placebo, the second third watermelon juice and the last third juice with citrulline. The last two groups showed better results as well as faster recovery of muscles. 

As the title says, we can find the energy and recovery boost in the mother nature.