Just for you to know, the banana is technically a giant grass, not a tree, but botanics is a little crazy so we go to nutrition. In addition to its wonderful taste, aroma and design, this tropical fruit can help us find our way to a smiling day and a better mood. They say that one banana a day keeps the doctor on vacation, and here are some reasons why you should start the day with a banana.

Sweet and low in calories. An average banana has about 105 calories.

As one of the fruits with a high concentration of potassium, banana helps lower blood pressure, prevents heart attack, stimulates muscles, nerves and brain.

Vitamin C
Although it is not very associated with this vitamin, it still contains certain doses. Average
banana contains about 15% of the daily requirement of this antioxidant.

Soluble fiber
Regulating blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, preventing heart disease, stomach ulcers and kidney cancer, weight loss aid and many other benefits are hidden behind soluble dietary fiber.

The fastest possible breakfast and the perfect substitute for snacks, full of simple sugars as well as a great stimulant during intense training.

Fat and cholesterol
And all this accompanied by only 0.4g of fat and 0mg of cholesterol.