The three-time winner of the New York City Marathon and one-time record holder in this discipline, Salazar is one of the iconic runners who has learned things the hard way. Today he is a professional running coach, and these are his tips for your better results.

1. Keep consistency
Find a training plan that you can stick to in the long run. If you can run four days a week, every week, you will reap 90 percent of the benefits of your workout, seven days a week.

2. Take your vacation days “dead” seriously
After days of strenuous training, all you want to do is jog or cross-bike, like cycling. You need a day off after a hard workout. Without exception.

3. Constantly increase mileage
No matter how ready you feel, be consistent and build your mileage gradually. It will be too late to find out that you are training too much.

4. Stay on the ground
Hard substrates can damage your joints, ligaments and muscles. The more you run on the grass and ground, the better. My athletes run 90 percent on softer surfaces.

5. Run faster
It’s hard to compete faster than you train. The faster you want to run a race, the more you need to incorporate short and fast training intervals.

6. Strengthen the whole body
Good runners prepare the whole body. The arms move the legs. Keep your torso in good shape with lots of push-ups, shaft lifts and abs, and don’t forget to work your back. Do Pilates and dynamic flexibility exercises like yoga.

7. Wear proper running shoes
The second most common cause of injury, after running on very hard surfaces, is the instability of the shoe. The more you run, the more support your feet need.

8. Build the form
Every movement of the body should take you forward. If your step is too big, you lose strength. The posture should be straight, and the leading leg should always end directly below you.

9. Deal the hesitation bravely
At some point you will enter a “gray” zone which can be very difficult. Endure it and never think you are mentally weak.

10. Insert technology into your workout
If you do not have enough knowledge in what you are doing, you will not get the most out of it or you will get hurt. With today’s internet, GPS phones and heart rate monitors, everyone can train individually. Use the knowledge and tools on the market to improve your form.