Alps are the highest and the largest mountain range in Europe. The range is long around 1200km and it extends through 8 countries (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia and Switzerland). It has hundreds peaks higher than 4000m. In this region live around 14 million people and there are around 120 million visitors every year. This mountain range extends from Grenoble in France on the west, Vienna in Austria on the east, Bavaria in Germany on the north and the valley of the river Po on south. 

The 10 highest peaks are:

  1. Zinalrothorn 4.221m
  2. Finsteraarhorn 4.274m
  3. Grand Combin 4.314m
  4. Dent Blanche 4.357m
  5. Matterhorn 4.478m
  6. Weisshorn 4.506m
  7. Liskamm 4.527m
  8. Dom 4.545
  9. Monte Rosa (Dufourspitze) 4.634m
  10. Mont Blanc 4.808m