It does not matter how dressed or burned for jogging you are, it does not matter what type of running shoes you have (in 1960 at the annual Olympic Games in Rome, Ababe Bikila ran barefoot on the marathon and won), and it does not matter if you are being chased or run at your own pace, it is most important to run properly.

The right way of running will result with efficiency, speed and less unnecessary and unnatural movements and pressures on different parts of the body.

Here are some tips for proper running

– look 3-6 meters in front of you, because of the correct position of the neck and for better visibility.

– always run with the middle third of your foot with moving forward. Stepping on the front of your foot is ineffective with further tiredness of the calf. Also landing on the heel and moving forward to the toes is ineffective and unnatural mechanism.

– Hold your hands bent at 90 degrees. Synchronous movement of the lower body with coordination of the shoulders improves and maintains the balance. In fact, the hands determine the pace of moving the feet and they are responsible for easiness of the run with a light landing.

– the movements of the arms should be in the shoulders forward, not in the elbows.

– The light and straight posture allows optimal lung capacity. Maintain your posture straight and with your whole body leaning slightly towards – the center of gravity should fall to the front of your feet.

-Your hands should be slightly bend (as if holding an egg without breaking it). This avoids unnecessary tension on the shoulders and neck.

– unnecessary bouncing is a sure reason for fast fatigue and tiredness.

-The right way to breath in accordance with your pace is the basic lesson. The best template is 2:2 or every two steps inhaling in the next two exhale.

– Run with easy steps, neither stiff nor relaxed and always enjoy with a positive thought!

And the graphic explanation for the above would look like this …