Every minute on a hike is a precious one. Then why to destroy it with pain or discomfort? Here are some tips for how to make your feet happy and ready for a longer hikes.

Perfect fit

Take every time you have when choosing your shoes. Discuss, search, read reviews, get a little bit more into it. Only that way you will find the shoes that fit properly on your feet. Every foot is different, so you might have to spend a little more time until you get the ideal ones for your feet. Consider every detail on the shoe; flexibility, lace lines, ankle support and most important how your feet will fit inside the shoe. Take more time to try them out, you will not regret.

Break in the shoes

It is never a bad idea to wear your new shoes around your home for a few days before the hike. It is the only way you can soften them before you go in the trails. Try to avoid a single day break in period, your feet will pay for trying and so do you and your hike.

Support the ankles and arches

After you choose the right shoes, placing the custom fit footbed and wearing proper socks are also important for your feet. There are many options for a better footbeds and socks that will complement your shoes for a better support and comfort.

Keep the feet dry

While on a hike it is very important to keep your feet dry and let them breathe.It is the best way to avoid getting painful blisters. The shoes with the most reliable waterproof and breathable characteristics carry the Gore-Tex GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY┬« promise. This will help you if you search for the shoe that will really keep your feet dry and let them breathe.  

Lace them right

Pay attention on how your feet feel inside the shoes. Any pressure, squeezing or gaps are no good. Loosen and tighten the laces until all of this is gone. You can also try another lacing method.