You are not motivated enough to start exercising? Everyone has his own way to get inspired for working out, whether it is a success story, motivational speeches, songs, sport articles… There are some people that find their motivation in their furry friends and the time well spent with them. Jason Seibart was working with shelter animals for over a decade and launches his canine inspired workout sessions. “The dogs need to get out and run, humans need to move’’ he said.

His program is called Rescue your fitness and is primarily focused on finding a new home for the rescued and left animals. There were races held in which animals and man run together. This races were also used to promote the animals for adoption. 

This was a great idea, as you can see nowadays more and more people exercise with their dogs, spending some quality time with each other. 

Would this be good enough motivation for you? Take this idea in consideration especially if you are an animal lover.