Mountaineering, including all other activities that take place in the nature and mountains, is a demanding activity. However it became very popular nowadays and there are more and more people from all ages and cultures who are really into this kind of activity. That is why it was increased to new levels in the past couple of years and something that was only a few years ago considered to be impossible today is accomplished by the climbers. 

This is because of the improved equipment, technique and serious work of the climbers. The most important things everyone should know, no matter if he is a professional climber or this is just a hobby for him, to know the basics and the tools and techniques of camping, navigation, rappelling, belaying, glacier travel, safety, rescue and much more things.

It is very important that everyone who is really into this activity to be well physically and mentally prepared.  From the physical aspect, it is most important to train regularly. This includes aerobic activities such as running, cycling, swimming, skiing, snowshoeing, regular hiking with heavier rucksack. Beside the condition and aerobic preparation, strength, flexibility and endurance are very important.

As important as the physical preparation is the mental preparation and stability. To make great results and accomplish what you wanted in the mountains it is important to be positive, realistic and honest with ourselves and other arround us. Great ego and always saying “i can” can lead to dangerous situations. You can hear most of the veteran mountaineers and climbers saying that the greatest challenges are mental.

So get prepared, both physically and mentally, before deciding to get any further steps.