Read more about how these two winter activities can keep you in great physical shape and even improve your capacity during the cold winter.

More and more world-famous athletes, from runners of various distances to triathletes, decide on cross-country skiing as well as mountaineering to maintain the consistency of their condition during the winter.

Ski touring is basically mountaineering with the help of skis (and accessories) with the difference that you have the opportunity to return in a relatively faster time from the top to the beginning point, skiing down, unlike hiking where you need to to walk in both directions.

There is also the difference that ski touring will allow you to move easily in many different types of snow (due to the larger area of the skis on which you step) so it is much easier in terms of walking.

However, these two sports are more or less similar in terms of the effect on your shape during the winter. Both are performed in nature, in the open air and in the fresh air, both are performed on high altitudes which has a great effect on the cardio-respiratory capacities, and they are far more interesting than the closed sessions in the gym.

What is also important, especially for runners, is that these two disciplines offer to maintain fitness during the winter without additional “banging” of the legs, which is a daily routine for runners, so you will give the body a proper recovery period without significant shape loss.

And with the right combinations, you can even improve your shape, of course with a little more effort.

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