If you decided it is time to start some active life the best way to do that is to gain the habit of walking and long walks.

Start running is the best way to pass from the passive to an active and healthy life and get in shape. Before you actually start running it’s better you take some walks to prepare your body and introduce it to such activity. Everything you should do is stay motivated continue with regular workouts so you can easily start running. 

There are some things you should do before you expose your body to such activity. 

If you never worked out before it will be a good thing to see your doctor and check your health.

When you are sure everything is good with you it is time to start walking. That is the most effective way to develop your fitness level to a higher level before start running so you don’t get hurt. 

First begin with short walks of about 15 minutes. If you feel good make the walks longer every time and work up to 35 minutes by the end of the week.

Track your progress and you will see how you get better and better every day. 

Equip right because that is what prevents you from getting injured. Pick the right running shoes for you and get lightweight clothing made from technical materials like Cool Dry and Dry Max that wick the sweat away from your skin so you can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cotton is not good for such activities because it soaks the sweat and can’t dry as fast as this specially designed technical clothing.

Get stick to your workout routine and don’t skip the training if you just don’t feel like doing it. The most important thing is to stay motivated. 

Do not cut calorie daily gain when you start exercising. That won’t make you in a better shape and can only decrease your energy levels. Track how much you take and loose  while exercising and stick to the training and nutrition plan designed to you.

If you can’t stand being alone and not to talk to anybody then it is better for you to find your running partner and start practising together. That will increase your motivation and will.

Always take the walk if you have to go somewhere instead of riding in a car. Take the stairs instead of a lift. Include walking in your everyday life and when you get used to it’s time to make your own training and running plan and program.