Climbing can be described as an activity of going up a mountain, slope, any steep terrain or even an artificial wall. Throughout the years, more and more individuals are are finding the delights of Climbing – whether only for recreation and entertainment or most likely as a sport and theirs way of living. 

While climbing you use your hands and feet as tool for reaching the top. Depending on the style, the equipment and the tools you use, the ways of climbing and reaching the top, there are more climbing styles such as: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Traditional climbing, Ice Climbing, Indoor climbing, Bouldering (there will be more about each of the climbing styles in the next articles)

Climbing requires high endurance, physical strength and technique. It is a great challenge for all of you who like to be in contact with nature, all those adrenaline and excitement addicts.
Climbing as an extreme sport, despite the high mental and physical ability, requires the use of various equipment and tools such as: rope, harness, carabiners, helmet, climbing shoes, cams and much more. (more about climbing equipment in the upcoming articles.)