Climbing means health, culture, community and conquering your own borders.

Nowadays more and more people get really into outdoor sports, rock climbing especially. Everything starts with the indoor climbing walls which offer safe and controlled environment where all the new climbers can learn the basics before climbing on a real rock. 

However, outdoor climbing is the real thing if you are really into outdoor sports and want to be in contact with nature. Another reason to start on a real rock is because indoor climbing does not provide all the preparation, experience and judgement for a safe outdoor climbing experience. 

Some reasons to start climbing:

  • It’s more fun than exercise
    It is more easy to motivate for climbing rather than exercising. You could simply go climbing on different walls in different areas, trying to climb different grades.
  • It is a great challenge and physical and mental workout
    You become more and more prepared every time you go climbing. However, you should push yourself each time on the rock and try new and more difficult routes so you can get better. As time goes and you continue with the good job you will see that no grade is tough enough. While climbing you can improve your endurance, strength, balance, flexibility and technique in one hand and burn calories and tone your muscles on the other hand. 
  • It gives sense of freedom, you can set your own goals and training schedule
    If you are not competing it is up to you to choose when and where you will train and what type of training you will do. The most important thing is that you can stay motivated and believe that you can make it. It’s not a team sport so you and your partner can make your own schedule. 
  • You are in nature, surrounded with breath-taking views of the nature and sceneries
    You are free to go on different places and climbing areas instead of training three times a week in the same gym for example. The advantage is that you are in nature, in quiet and calm environment. You can give your eyes beautiful views enjoy the fresh air.

Probably the first impressions you will get from your family and close ones when you tell them that you started climbing won’t be that positive. But don’t worry and do not let those comments stop you. Later when they get closer look and understand what this sport is all about they will completely support you.