Still in winter hibernation? It is time to wake up. Don’t let the cold stop you, it is even better running in cold. Here are some tips how to get ready for a winter jog.

If the gym get boring to you or because it is full with people during the winter period and the training begins to lose its point, don’t give up from your training. And especially not because of the cold. For that reason read the following advices.

First, choose the right clothing. Put on 2-3 thin layers of clothing because if there are too much layers or very thick layer they won’t allow the body to breath. 

Get used to and start to prefer synthetic materials that retain the sweat away from the body. Forget the cotton, it is like a sponge that soaks water and can not be dried for a long time, unlike the clothing made from synthetic materials.

The upper layer is the most important because it protects you from wind and allows only the sweat to go out. 

Half of the body heat is released through the skin on the head so it is highly recommended to wear hat made from wool or other breathable fabric. If you want to protect your face the best way to do it is to wear balaclava.

If you decide to run on snow, it is crucial to  to choose the best running shoes for that so they will keep your feet dry and provide you a much better stability while stepping on the ground. It is also good to take your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the reflection of the light. 

Do a little warm up so you can prepare the body and hydrate properly. And don’t forget your gloves. You will enjoy your winter runs!