The Manitou incline is a legendary hiking path located in the Manitou Springs reserve in Colorado. The trail is special because it goes along the remains of a railway that stretched along the mountain, which was used to transport water from the springs of the mountain.

The trail is 1420 meters long and along its entire length are placed around 2700 thresholds for the former railway. Its lowest point is at 2000m above sea level, while the highest point is at 2620m. The average slope grade is 45% and in some parts it reaches 68%, which speaks enough of how steep it is.

Until 1990 this cult place was a historic attraction, but after a large rockslide, the railroad was permanently damaged and since then its popularity has grown as an extreme hiking route. Speed climb competitions are also held there. The trail record is held by Joseph Gray who run it in 17 minutes and 45 seconds.